WAAA-293 | "You're no longer a student." The moment I graduated from premature ejaculation, I was targeted by a big-breasted teacher for three years. Sayama love

WAAA-293 |
Label: WANZ
Studio: Wanz Factory

An honor student in grade 1... I want to eat him because he is serious and talented but naive... However, because it was a teacher-student relationship, he held off until graduation. On the day of her graduation ceremony, she invites him to her house, takes his virginity, and spends three days squeezing his dick out even though he's an idiot. [Raw sex with a brush, blowjob during dinner, handjob on the way to the bathroom late at night, copulation all over the house, continuous creampie sex without pulling out] I've been waiting for today to be no longer a student. I consumed the sexual desire I had built up over the past three years without any time to rest.


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