SPLY-012 | We discovered a genius at "kitten blowjob" who licks the back muscles with the tip of his tongue at a con cafe in Ikebukuro! A virgin whose reason has collapsed due to the way he teases her like a god goes berserk and vomits in the back of her throat...but with motherly tenderness, she firmly holds her vagina! ! Kirari Kaede

SPLY-012 | We discovered a genius at
Label: Arabiki Girl
Director: Amuro Azaino
Studio: SOD Create

Recently, we heard a rumor on the street that there was a cafe girl who was said to be extremely good at giving blowjobs, so we successfully contacted her and asked her to appear in an AV. Although she was confused, she reluctantly agreed to appear as long as it was just a blowjob. Ignoring her worries, the blow job genius completed pulling out of her at lightning speed. After the ejaculation, her reason collapses and she willingly accepts the wild virgin until he cums inside her.


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